6 Of The Most Common Issues Causing Your Gutters To Leak!

Leaky gutters can be quite a nuisance. As water leaks out of the gutter, it may run down the side of your home, leading to stained siding and landscape damage. The first step to preventing or repairing gutter leaks is understanding what causes them. The following are six of the most common causes of leaky gutters.

  1. Clogs

If gutter downspouts become clogged, water will pool in the gutters and eventually spill over the edge. Cleaning your gutters twice a year should prevent most clogs. If you have trees overhanging your gutters, consider adding gutter guards.

  1. Separation

Some longer gutter runs may be formed from several shorter pieces of gutter. If two pieces start to separate, you may get a leak between them. A roofer can fix this quite quickly.

  1.  Rust

If you have steel gutters, keep an eye out for rust spots. Once the rust reaches all the way through the gutter, leaks will develop. The best solution is usually to have rusty gutters replaced – ideally before they start leaking.

  1.  Cracks

Plastic or vinyl gutters won’t rust, but they can develop cracks. Sometimes this happens because a tree branch falls on the gutter during a storm. A roofer can usually replace the cracked section of the gutter without replacing the whole gutter system.

  1.  Improper Slope

Gutters should always be sloped towards the downspout. If they are sloped the wrong way or are not sloped at all, water may pool in the gutters and spill over the edge. This is one reason why it’s so important to have gutters installed by pros who know how to slope them properly. Luckily, a roofer can adjust the slope of the gutters after the fact to encourage proper drainage.

  1.  Loose or Missing Fasteners

If a gutter fastener falls off or becomes too loose, the gutter may sag in that area. Water may pool up and spill over the edge. A missing fastener may also leave behind a tiny hole that water can leak through. Luckily, gutter fasteners are easy for your roofer to replace.Keep your eyes out for leaky gutters and also for the problems mentioned above. The sooner you act, the better you’ll be able to avoid additional damage to your roof and siding. If you notice something amiss, contact StormForce in Jacksonville, FL. Our dependable roofing contractors will evaluate your situation and make the required repairs.