Our Process:

1. Set Up a Consultation

  • Contact us and choose to set up a no contact or in-person consultation.

2. Have Your Consultation 

In-person Consultation
  • One of our professional roof inspectors will inspect your roof and report the findings to our office.
  • Meet In-person
    • We will meet in person to go over the details of the project
    • We’ll get better acquainted with your home and the scope of the project.
    • Any specific design ideas, colors, or other important details will be noted and incorporated into the project.
    • Our process for the project will be discussed
    • What the pricing will be

3. Proposal Assessment

  • We will meet either over video or in-person and explain the details of the proposal and what’s included.
    • Design Specifications
    • Pricing
    • We’ll send you a digital contract of the proposal.
    • Once signed, we’ll set up the dates and move forward with the installation.

4. Installation

  • Our team will come out to your home and perform the installation. 
    • While we’re there, we will be sure to take all the necessary precautions to help protect your family and ours.

5. Lasting Results

  • No more need to worry about your roof leaks or any disrepair. Your roof will be back in the best shape and provide lasting protection for your family.