The Benefits of Replacing Your Roof

As budgets get tighter, many homeowners are deciding to forgo home improvement projects. While this is a common reality in an economy just beginning to rebound, it can put many homes at great risk. There is a distinct difference between what is needed and what is not when it comes to these projects, and as a homeowner, it important to know what is required to ensure the safety of your home.

Your roof is the gatekeeper for your home. It is the first line of defense against extreme weather and offers protection unlike any other part of your home. Today, many homeowners are making the decision to delay replacing a well-worn roof. This can lead to a few unfortunate outcomes. Lets take a look at what you risk by not repairing a damaged roofing system.

Cost of damaged or outdated roof

Your roof serves many functions for your home. Protecting the interior from outside threats like weather is the most obvious. One of the biggest jobs a roof performs, though, may not meet the eye. A properly functioning roof regulates the temperature inside your house. Why is this so important? If your roof is failing to do this, it can cost any household a significant amount of money.

Take for instance the winter season. As temperatures drop across the city of Jacksonville, many homeowners are starting to raise the dial on the thermostat. As anyone who pays a utility bill knows, this decrease in temperature results in an increase in expenditure. A roof helps to maintain heat inside the home, allowing less energy to be expended by heating systems. If your roof has a leak, though, hot air can escape, resulting in higher electricity bills. The same is true during the summer months, when precious cold air is lost through improperly performing roofs. In the city of Jacksonville, where the heat index can soar and temperatures rise with the sun, this is an all to common occurrence.

Benefits of a new roof

There are many benefits of a newly replaced, beyond the decrease in your monthly utility bill. Replacing an outdated roofing system significantly increases the value of your home. On average, a homeowner can expect a 60-70% return on investing in a new roof, making it one of the best home improvement projects you can complete. According to many realtors, a new roof adds to a home’s “curb appeal”.

As with any industry, roofs have evolved significantly over the last few decades. Today’s options for roofing systems did not exist the last time many roofs were replaced or repaired. A homeowner can expect more energy-efficient roofing systems. These eco-friendly roofing options are sometimes eligible tax credits.

The greatest benefit of a new roof is safety. A poorly functioning roofing system puts an entire home at risk. The most significant issue that results from this is the risk of water damage. In Florida, extreme weather can leave areas devastated. Your roof protects from the outside coming in. Additionally, mold is a constant threat if your roof is in need of replacement.

The only way to make sure your roofing system is working properly is to schedule an inspection with a Jacksonville-area roofing company.