What is the Role of Gutters & Why Are They Important to My Home

What is the Role of Gutters? Why Are They Important to My Home?

Gutters are an often overlooked part of your home’s exterior. It’s easy to forget about them. After all, they’re up above your head, and in some cases, out of sight. However, gutters play a very important role in protecting your home against water damage. Having gutters installed and maintaining them properly will help keep your roof, siding, and foundation in good shape.

Here are some specific ways in which gutters protect your home.

Draining the Roof

Roofing materials, such as shingles and tile, are designed to get wet. But they are not designed to stay wet for days or weeks on end. Continued water exposure may cause them to deteriorate prematurely. Shingles, for example, may rot when exposed to prolonged moisture. Gutters allow your roof to drain properly so it can dry off quickly after a storm. You’re less likely to see rot or deterioration along the roof’s edge with good gutters.

Protecting the Siding

Without gutters, any rain that lands on your roof will trickle over the edge of the roof and then down the side of your home. This water is not clean; it will contain some dirt and debris. Over time, that dirt will stain your siding. The continued flow of water isn’t good for siding, either. Gutters protect your siding by limiting the water that flows down it. Your siding will last longer – and look newer – with good gutters. 

Guarding the Landscaping

Have you ever seen a garden bed with suspicious pits and holes in it? Chances are, the home had blocked gutters. Water that falls over the edge of clogged gutters lands, with force, in the garden beds below. It can leave divots in the soil or wash mulch out of the beds. Gutters direct the water down a downspout and away from your beautiful garden beds.

Keeping the Foundation and Basement Dry

You don’t want water to pool near your foundation. It can lead to cracks, or it can infiltrate existing cracks and make for a wet basement. Gutters and downspouts direct water away from the foundation, which helps keep your home dry.

Gutters are simply good for your home. If you’ve noticed stains on your siding or damage along the edge of your roof, your Jacksonville home may need new gutters. Contact Storm Force Roofing to schedule an estimate. Our experienced roofers are ready to help.