Image of 3 homes, one white, one red brick, gray brick and text: Choose the Best Roof Shingle Color for Your Home With the GAF Virtual Remodeler

Choose the Best Roof Shingle Color for Your Home With the GAF Virtual Remodeler

Having a new roof put on your Jacksonville home is a big change. Your roof color affects the way the rest of your home looks. Choosing the right color for your new roof shingles can enhance your home’s appearance. What color of roof shingles is best for your home? The GAF Virtual Remodeler offers a convenient way to find out.

Using the GAF Virtual Remodeler

This online tool allows you to select different roofing shingle styles and colors. How do you know what these shingles would look like on your home? Select a model home that’s similar to yours first. You can then select the type and color of your exterior surfaces, including specific walls or all walls, your porch, shutters, front door, and house trim. This virtual remodeling tool also allows you to submit a photo of your home for more exact results.

Choose a Model Home

If you want to use the virtual remodeling tool without submitting an image of your house, you’ll start with choosing a model home. Find the home that most closely matches your home, such as Cape Cod, Mediterranean, Ranch, or Craftsman. Depending on the model you choose, you might see additional options that differ in layout and design. Find one that looks similar to your home.

Select Roof Shingles

When you select roof shingles with the GAF Virtual Remodeler, you can choose a specific collection, such as Timberline Roofing Shingles, designer shingles, and 3-tab shingles. Depending on the collection you choose, you might have additional options to select, including shingle colors.

GAF makes high-quality roofing shingles in several designs and colors so that you can find the right one for your home. Designer shingles have an elegant, stylish look, while 3-tab shingles have distinctive shapes. Timberline Roofing Shingles have a more traditional look that’s timeless.

When choosing a roofing shingle color, consider the rest of your home’s exterior. For contrast, you might choose a GAF shingle color much darker than your exterior walls. If you want more of a blended look, you can choose a roof shingle color that complements your exterior walls. You’ll find many colors in the GAF Virtual Remodeler, including elegant grays, stately black tones, vibrant green, classic beige hues, and rustic browns.

Select Exterior Surfaces

If you don’t submit a photo of your home, you can use the virtual remodeling tool to choose exterior surface options that closely match your home. You can also use this tool if you’re thinking of changing your siding or other features of your exterior. The GAF Virtual Remodeler offers a few main options, including siding, brick, and paint. You can select all exterior surfaces or choose one to focus on, such as the entryway, porch, left side, or right side.

Choose a Paint Color

The GAF Virtual Remodeler allows you to customize your home further, showing how roof shingles look with your existing trim and other painted exterior features. You can choose paint colors that match your current garage door, front door, and house trim. This is also handy if you’re considering changing these exterior features and want to see how different colors might look.

Ask to See Roof Shingle Samples

The virtual remodeling tool helps you understand what a certain color would look like on your home. However, what you see on your screen might not be exactly what you would see in person. Color blends and color clarity have limitations in the digital world, so it’s important to see actual roof shingle samples in person. This gives you a more accurate way to see what these roofing shingles look like. Depending on what you select, you might find that you prefer a different color when you see these shingles in person.

Who to Call for Help Choosing Roof Shingles

Choosing a new roof shingle color on your own can be difficult. Having roofing experts guide you through this decision can help ensure you select the perfect color for your home. Find a local roofing company with a reputation for reliable service. These roofing professionals can help you review GAF shingle options and choose the best color for your home. StormForce is a Jacksonville roofing company with years of experience in the industry. Our team can help you select the right roof shingles. We can also install your new roof once you’ve chosen a shingle color.

If you need additional help choosing the right roof shingle color for your Jacksonville home, contact StormForce. Our roofing experts can help you determine the best color of roof shingles.