How To Get The Best Financing For Roof Repairs

How To Get The Best Financing For Roof Repairs

When your roof has damage that is extensive but not enough for a replacement, it is important to have repairs done as soon as possible to avoid more costly fixes in the future. If you are not sure about paying upfront or do not have the resources available to do so, financing for roof repair might be another option to consider.

Paying Upfront

For some roof repairs, the best option may be to pay out of pocket or use your homeowners’ insurance policy to cover the cost. When met with these types of repairs, many homeowners find that their policy might not cover all types of roof repairs or that the cost of meeting their deductible is too high. 

If you find that you do not have funds on hand or your insurance policy does not cover what needs to be done, the next step is finding the best possible financing for the job.

Financing for Roof Repairs

If your homeowners’ insurance does not cover your roof repairs and you don’t have money to pay upfront you should avoid putting off repairs. Over time, a small leak can turn into significant damage to your home. Neglected repairs are usually more costly and involved than if they had been addressed quickly. 

Financing options are available for those who need repairs done but don’t have enough money to cover the cost upfront. Home equity loans or HELOC loans, FHA loans for home improvement, and personal loans from a lender are options for homeowners who need roof repair financing. You would need to take into consideration the credit limits and interest rates of each of these options to find the best fit. 

Another option that may be a better fit for repair jobs, is financing directly with the roofer that is completing the work. Some roofers offer their own financing options to help customers afford roof repairs. This financing also ensures you can have repairs done right away rather than delaying them. When you work with a local roofer, you can have financing done to allow you to pay for your repairs over time and can build a relationship for future work.

Just like a lender, a roofer will have certain financing criteria and rates. Make sure to check all of the fine print and compare interest rates on all of your available options.

If you need roof repairs, contact StormForce to talk to one of our local roofers. We provide high-quality roofing services in the Jacksonville area. More importantly, we have financing options available to help you finish your roofing job today.