Why Better Roof Warranties Are Worth Hiring The Best Roofer

Why Better Roof Warranties Are Worth Hiring The Best Roofer

Your roof is the highest part of your house, making it the first line of defense against the elements. It protects anything beneath it, including your family and personal belongings. However, because you don’t focus on your roof every day, you may rarely follow measures to maintain it in perfect condition. That is why most roofing systems deteriorate and never reach their maximum lifespan.

Different factors affect a roof’s lifespan, and preventive maintenance is one of them. You’ll want to work with a trusted local roofer who can provide quality roof repair or replacement and stand behind their work with extended roofing warranties. Certified roofing contractors typically offer both manufacturer and workmanship warranty to protect you from expenses resulting from material defects and installation errors. That’s why it’s worth hiring a roofer that offers better roof warranties.

Is a Roof Warranty Worth It?

Since roof repair, maintenance, replacement, or installation can be a costly endeavor, you’ll want to make sure that the materials are good quality and the workmanship is excellent to ensure your roof lasts as long as possible. Reputable roofing contractors offer both a manufacturer’s warranty and a roofer’s workmanship warranty.

A manufacturer’s warranty covers against manufacturing defects on roofing products, but your exact coverage will vary depending on the brand and the specific roofing material you choose. For example, most shingles come with a lifetime limited warranty for manufacturing defects. However, most 3-tab shingles only carry 20 -30 years limited warranty for manufacturing defects. Moreover, each warranty has its own unique terms and conditions, so be sure to read each warranty detail carefully.

On the other hand, a workmanship warranty covers against problems caused by improper or erroneous workmanship or installation. Most manufacturers, such as GAF, have very specific instructions on how to install and maintain their roofing materials. In case they are not followed, they may void the warranty. Therefore, those types of installation errors must be covered by a contractor’s workmanship warranty. Reputable roofing contractors provide workmanship warranties for up to 10 years after the project is complete. That’s why it’s a good idea to hire the right roofing company with a solid and long-established reputation in your locality to ensure they can honor their promises.

Most Roofing Defects Emanate from Improper Installation

Did you know that most defects with roofs come from the installation process and a substandard contractor? That’s why it’s important to research and find a reliable and trustworthy contractor to do things right the first time. Once your roof is installed, the contractor will set a workmanship warranty period and the amount associated with the labor quality and scope. Should your roof break down during the validity period of the warranty, and if the issue is identified to be occasioned by poor workmanship, you’ll be eligible for benefits such as free repair or discounted repair or replacement.

In some cases, roofing contractors offer extended warranties for more expensive deals. Many established roofing companies will provide you with a better warranty if you pay them more. Moreover, they’ll be more interested in doing a perfect job, so you won’t claim the warranty so readily. Overall, working with a roofer who offers a solid workmanship warranty can prevent your roof from getting damaged or decaying quicker. And even if your roof does break down, you can have it easily fixed during periodic inspections, which often come with the package.

How Choosing the Right Contractor Determines Your Warranty Coverage

If and when your roof breaks down, you’ll want some kind of guarantee that the roofing material manufacturer and/or the contractor will honor their pledge to protect your investment to some extent. The contractor you hire often sets the foundation of the warranties you have access to. Their certifications also play into the level of premium warranties you have access to.

Moreover, the roofing contractor who installs your roof plays a key role in its overall performance and longevity. That’s why reputable, skilled roofers often stand behind each installation job with a longer workmanship warranty. Factors such as a contractor’s business experience, track record of delivering quality work, and solid commitment to customer satisfaction all influence the length and scope of warranties they offer. So be sure to vet any contractor you’re considering hiring thoroughly.

Can You Upgrade Your Warranty? 

Although new roofs will come with standard warranties, these are usually narrow in scope, only covering the roofing material and not the entire roofing system. So, it’s possible to upgrade your warranty when getting a new roof replacement. You can do that by upgrading the roofing materials or system you choose.

To give you peace of mind and lasting value, some manufacturers also offer warranty upgrades on roofing systems installed by certified contractors in strict adherence to the manufacturer’s installation guidelines. Upgrading your warranty provides several benefits, including:

  • Lengthy, Non-prorated Coverage: A basic upgrade can provide additional coverage for as long as 50 years. Besides, the warranty is non-prorated, meaning that you’ll get 100% coverage for the whole warranty period.
  • Continuous Coverage: A standard warranty coverage typically decreases with time. You may get 100% coverage over the first five years, then 80% up to the 8th year, etc. An upgraded warranty often gives you continuous coverage for material defects.
  • Added Peace Of Mind: An extended roof warranty can protect your initial investment and gives you peace of mind.
  • Coverage For All Roof Components: Upgrading your warranty may extend the coverage to apply to your entire roof system, including shingles, underlayment, soffit and ridge vents, ice barriers, and hip and ridge cap shingles.

An extended warranty also extends coverage for workmanship. If your new roof is found to have installation errors, you will be covered for tear-off, labor, replacement materials, and disposal costs. Additionally, an upgraded warranty can be transferrable to the first subsequent property owner during the warranty period. 

Do Your Own Research When Choosing a Roofing Material and Contractor

When choosing a material and a contractor, it’s important to do your research and find the best warranties. A good workmanship warranty shows the contractor stands by what they do and cares about you. Having good warranties will give you a sense of comfort in case something goes awry with your home.

Always talk to your roofing contractor to learn the options available to you. Warranties can be confusing, so it’s best to work with a reputable contractor who can explain your coverage options and help you make a more informed decision. Be sure to understand the base warranty you get with your new roof. And if you’re interested in purchasing an extended warranty, ask about what the standard manufacturer and workmanship warranty covers. The specific coverage can vary widely depending on the manufacturer, the contractor, and the roofing material you choose.

Always Work With a Trusted Local Roofing Contractor!

If you need quality roofing services in Jacksonville, FL, you can depend on StormForce for honest advice and quality workmanship backed by extended warranties. Our roofing experts will take you through the available options and help you make the right decision when repairing or replacing your roofing system. Contact us today to request a free estimate!