Jacksonville Roofing Company Cares About the Environment

When you find a company who stands for something good in this world that you agree with, and not just profits and social media post, it is important to support them. Many companies take the most revenue gaining route, and care nothing about the community it could be affecting. StormForce has made it apart of the company’s mission to take care of the environment and the communities around them. They take the time to identify opportunities to include environmentally friendly and energy conservation oriented products and services whenever they can. They clearly care about their community.

Does Your Roofing Company Care?

How can you tell if your roofing company cares about the environment? Companies are usually not shy about expressing the causes they stand for, and StormForce is no different. The Jacksonville roofing contractor proudly touts that it “recycles over 85% of all its waste,” and has worked diligently, from the beginning, to create a company whose name is synonymous with environmental care. There are many construction and roofing companies whose love and concern for the environment is so low, it is almost nonexistent. This Jacksonville roofing company is a company that is truly committed to the environment.

Recycled Materials

Landfills are filling up all across the nation, but this Jacksonville roofing company is doing their part to help the local environment, promote job creation, and is helping to rebuild America’s roads, bridges, and highways. Many residential homes use asphalt shingles on their roof. There are couple benefits of recycling asphalt shingles, and one of the main uses is road re-pavement. A shingle taken from a home in Jacksonville can be used for a road in Los Angeles. This is important because using the recycled shingles allows for a reduction in cost for the city, county, or state in paving the roads, bridges, or highways. This of course is good, because those cost always fall back on the citizens and the community. Just another way StormForce is looking out for their neighbors.

This is quite a large influence for a company who just simply enjoys helping its local community with expert roofing repair services. They understand that they are a part of the same community they are servicing, so they make sure to do what is best for Jacksonville and the surrounding communities. Contact your local Jacksonville roofing contractor who you know will take care off all your roofing needs, and also take care of the environment while doing it.