What Is The Complete Roof Replacement Process?

What Is The Complete Roof Replacement Process?

The roof on your home protects it from the elements, including water and wind. Although residential roofs last for years, you’ll need to have a complete roof replacement done at some point. What is a complete roof replacement?

Overall, replacing your roof involves tearing off the old one first and installing the new one. You can expect the following to take place when you have this type of project done.

Before Your Roof Replacement

The initial part of a roof replacement involves having an inspection done and getting an estimate. Professional roofing specialists inspect your roof to help determine if your roof needs a replacement and what the estimate would be.

After you get an estimate, the next step is choosing materials for your new roof and signing a contract. Your roofing specialists can help you select the best roofing materials for your home.

During Your Roof Replacement

The first part of the roof replacement process is removing your old roof. Your roofing specialists will tear off the layers of the roof, dispose of them, and prepare the surface for your new roof. Once this preparation is done, you’ll have your brand new roof installed.

How long should you expect your complete roof replacement to take? For a smaller home, this type of project generally takes about a day to complete. However, certain factors can affect this timeframe and make your project take longer.

For example, a roof with more details, such as valleys, will usually take longer to complete. The height or steepness of your roof can also have an impact on the timeframe for your roof replacement. If you have a larger or wider roof, replacing it will typically take longer since there is more surface area involved.

After Your Roof Replacement

When your new roof is installed, your roofing specialists handle the cleanup process and close the project. This involves making sure all unused materials and waste is removed from your property. 

You can expect to make your final payment after your replacement is done. Your roofing specialists will also provide you with information on the warranty in case you need to have any work done down the line on your new roof. If you need a residential roof replacement for your home, contact StormForce of Jacksonville today! Our specialists can handle your roof replacement from start to finish.