What Sets Gutters Apart From Each Other And Which Ones Are The Best?

What Sets Gutters Apart From Each Other And Which Ones Are The Best?

It’s easy to overlook gutters during a full residential roof replacement. After all, they are only a small part of the larger roof. But pairing your home in with the right gutters is crucial. Although seemingly small, gutters play a significant role that affects the longevity of your roof and your home–that’s why the market offers many options to suit different types of homes and needs. If you’re installing a new roof or replacing your current one, you should know what sets gutters apart from one another. With numerous options that offer different features, the best gutters for your home will vary depending on various factors. 

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Gutters 

The best gutters will vary based on various factors. What works for another might not work for yours. Therefore, we recommend weighing your options and needs and then finding gutters that best serve those needs.

Here are some key factors to consider when going through the different gutter options: 


The first consideration when choosing the gutters you wish to install is the material. It affects the quality and durability of the gutters and also the cost. Copper and stainless steel gutters are the costliest but also more durable. They also hold up well to inclement weather.

Aluminum and PVC are more affordable alternatives. Although not as strong, they are highly moldable and come in a plethora of designs. You can consider them if the weather around your home is tame.

When choosing the material, consider how it will impact your initial budget and the long-term maintenance and repair costs. 

Ease of installation 

It’s not just the gutters you should be concerned about but also the installation cost. That’s why you want gutters that are easy to install. You might save money by buying cheap drains but end up paying more in labor costs. You could also compromise the lifespan of your gutters and suffer consistent water damage in your home.

When looking at the installation requirements, factor in the pitch of your roof. It will tell you a lot about the type of gutters you should be looking at. If you have a steeply pitched roof, it will have more water runoff than a flat one, meaning wider channels.

The roof pitch will also determine whether you need seamless gutters. Be sure to check with a professional gutter installation company and get quotes for installing the different types of gutters before you buy. 


There are various costs to take into consideration when selecting a gutter system. Some of the main costs associated with gutters include:

  • The buying cost of the gutters 
  • The installation cost 
  • The maintenance cost

Some gutters will cost more than others based on the features and the size of the gutters. Additional features like leaf protection will add more to the buying cost but reduce maintenance costs and gutter cleaning frequency.

Some gutters might have a low initial cost, but this may result in high maintenance cost and a short lifespan. It’s vital to pick a balance that ensures you save money on all fronts. 

Types of Gutters 

You have an extensive choice of gutters to select from. This can be for aesthetic or functional purposes, depending on the design of your home. Popular gutter designs include:

  • Half-round gutters – Half-round gutters are common amongst 20th-century, historic or brick homes. The gutters are 5 to 6 inches wide and feature mainly in residential homes. However, it’s possible to customize them to industrial and commercial properties as well. 
  • K-style gutters – K-style gutters are the most common for residential homes because they are stylish and elegant. They come in 5-inch and 6-inch options. Although aesthetically appealing, the gutters have angles and lines that make them harder to clean.  
  • Box-style gutters – Commercial and industrial buildings often feature box-style gutters, but they can also be tailored for residential homes. The gutters are oversized and designed to handle heavy rainfall. Box gutters come in 7 and 8-inch widths. Some are as large as 10 inches in width. Box-style gutters are ideal for homes with large roofs and require an effective drainage system. 
  • Custom fascia gutters – Custom fascia gutters provide a seamless, contemporary look. You must engage a professional gutter installer to create the system and install the gutters. They are made from a long piece of aluminum tailored according to your home’s measurements. While these are efficient and add aesthetic value to your home, you might pay twice as much for them.

Which Are the Best Gutters? 

The best gutters are subjective, depending on your needs and your home. The best approach is to engage a professional, certified, and experienced gutters installer to help you pick and install the gutters for your home. For the best results, you can contact StormForce in Jacksonville, FL for all your gutter installation, maintenance, and information needs and to get a quote for your gutter installation or repairs.