graphic with the quote How To Know Where Your Florida Home Should Have Gutters

How To Know Where Your Florida Home Should Have Gutters

Gutters run along the edges of your roof. Your roofing team carefully positions them just below the roof’s edge, where they can catch water most effectively. Water flows into the horizontal gutters. Then, it flows down the downspouts to the ground. So, what sides of your home’s roof need gutters? Keep reading to learn all about the purpose of gutters and where they are required.

The Benefits of Gutters

Gutters exist to catch water and direct it away from your home. This is important for a few reasons.

  • Gutters protect your roof. They ensure water does not pool on the roof and cause shingle damage or rot.
  • Gutters protect your siding. They keep water from running down it and causing stains.
  • Gutters protect your garden beds. They keep water from tumbling straight off the roof and leaving divots in the soil.
  • Gutters protect your foundation and basement. They keep the ground closest to your home drier, protecting against foundation cracks and basement moisture.

Where Gutters Should Be Placed

Some homeowners have gutters placed on every side of their home. There’s nothing wrong with this approach, per se. However, you may not need gutters on every side. They are most needed on the sloping sides of the roof.

Most of the water that falls on your roof will end up pouring off the sloped sides. If there is a gutter beneath every sloped side of your roof, those gutters will catch the vast majority of the water.

Of course, roofs come in different styles. Some homes have only two sloped roof sides. Others have four. So, every home has somewhat different needs when it comes to gutters and downspouts.

Who Installs Gutters

Gutters only do their job if they are in the right place and sloped properly. As such, installing gutters is not a DIY job.

Work with a roofing company who offers gutter services. They can examine your home, tell you what sides need gutters, and ensure they are correctly installed. They’ll also make sure you have enough downspouts to carry all the water away from your home. A roofing contractor may also recommend additional gutter accessories, such as gutter guards.

If you have questions about your gutters or need new gutters, contact StormForce in Jacksonville, FL. Our expert technicians can come take a look at your home and give you some recommendations.