6 Steps Roofers Take To Remove Your Old Roof

6 Steps Roofers Take To Remove Your Old Roof

Whether it’s because of severe weather, natural disaster, or just old age, every shingle roof will need to eventually be replaced. Roof replacement is a large project with many stages. Each stage of the process needs to be performed correctly to achieve optimal results.

After the materials have been ordered, the first stage of the roof replacement process is the tear-off. By taking time to learn about the steps your roofing contractor takes to tear off your old roof, you’ll know what’s going on and prepare for the rest of the roof replacement process.

1. Prepping Your Yard to Protect It

Anytime a roofing contractor is working on your roof, they must take the necessary steps to protect your property from damage. Your contractor will cover landscaping and foliage surrounding your home to protect it.

This is done to ensure all the nails, shingles, and other pieces of debris coming off your roof land in the dumpster or on the tarp instead of your lanscaping or yard. Plywood may be placed over the doors, windows, and air conditioner, especially near the areas where they’ll be tossing the debris off the roof.

Your contractor will place a dumpster trailer close by collecting old shingles and other debris. 

2. Setting up Safety Protocols

Any reputable roofing contractor takes pride in enforcing OSHA safety regulations to eliminate injuries and property damage. The contractor will identify potential safety issues, and assess whether or not the roof will structurally support the workers.

To ensure the safety of the crews, the contractor will:

  • Implement ladder stability and safety techniques
  • Ensure the crew is wearing the appropriate gear
  • Have fall protection set up

The safety measures may change as roof conditions, weather conditions, and other requirements change.

3. Tearing Off the Roofing Materials

Once the area is prepped, the roofer will start tearing off the old roof. This will involve the use of garden forks and notched shovels. The shovels pull out nails while the forks easily remove the shingles from the roof decking.

The crews will start the removal at the roof peak. They will remove the ridgecaps and use the shovel or fork to tear away the shingles, working their way down the roof.

Then, the underlayment and old flashing will be removed, leaving only the base wood. While one crew is prying up the shingles, another one is gathering the debris from around the yard and tossing it in the dumpster.

4. Dealing with Your Roof’s Old Nails

After the shingles and other materials are removed, the crew goes back over the roof to make sure all the nails are removed. This will ensure they are out of the way to install your new roof.

Also, knocking down the nails is one way to test the structural integrity of the roof deck.

The crew makes sure the roof deck is clear of all debris before getting ready to install the new underlayment. One last visual inspection is performed to ensure any protruding nails missed earlier are knocked down.

5. Inspecting the Roof Deck

When your roof is clean and bare, your contractor will inspect the decking for damage. Roofing materials need a solid base, so your decking must be in good condition. If your roof needs to be replaced because of damage from leaks, falling debris, or severe weather, there’s a chance the roof deck will have sustained some damage as well.

Broken boards and rotted areas are the most common problems. Your contractor will replace damaged sections and keep an eye out for loose spots. While there is generally always a board or two needing replacement, if the decking is badly weakened or rotted, it has to be entirely replaced.

6. Cleaning the Yard

There will be debris, shingle granules, and nails in the yard after the old roof is removed. Your roofing contractor will make sure the roof and yard is thoroughly cleaned up before the end of the installation process. A magnetic tool is continually used over the yard to catch stray nails.

Often, new materials start being installed while debris is removed from the yard.

How Long Does the Process of Removing an Old Roof Take?

Typically, it takes a few hours for a roofing contractor to tear off the old roof. However, this depends on various factors, from the crew size to the roof size and complexity to the weather conditions.

If the roof decking is extensively damaged and has to be removed, expect the scope of the project to change.To ensure complete satisfaction with your roof replacement project, turn to the experienced, local roofing professionals at StormForce in Jacksonville, FL. With quality workmanship and honesty, we’ll give you and your family great peace of mind. Contact us today to schedule a free roof inspection.