How To Better Understand Your Roof: Behind The Scenes Of Framing

How To Better Understand Your Roof: Behind The Scenes Of Framing

A roof frame provides a structure spanning the walls of a building and supports the roof covering. Many residential roof designs are usually sloped to allow rainwater to run off and drain away from the building. Additionally, the roof frame assists in bracing your building’s structure from wind forces from every direction. Roof framing can be constructed from steel, timber, concrete, and other strong materials.

Regular residential homes are typically built with timber framing. It comprises skeleton components upon which internal linings (interior skin), wall claddings (exterior skin), flooring (walked-on surface), roofing layer (protects the structure from the elements), doors, and windows are attached.

Why Roof Framing Is Important

Roof framing is often more complex than wall or floor framing. The primary function of roof framing is to provide and maintain support for the chosen roofing material.

Roof framing is typically spaced rafters upon which battens and the roofing materials are attached. Rafters are first connected to the top plates of wall framing and sometimes to ceiling joists where appropriate.

Depending on your roof’s design, span, and styling components, roof framing may include collar ties, ceiling joists, bracing, ridge boards, outriggers, roof struts, hanging beams, and other types of short rafters. Typically, roof framing is the foundation of your roofing system.

How Roof Framing Protects Your Roof

Just like wall framing, roof framing must be adequately braced to resist distorting forces and be fixed together using solid nailing patterns or prefabricated framing nailing plates or anchors.

These installation requirements provide a solid roof system to support the roofing materials and withstand wind. This is particularly important in cyclone areas and regions with high winds.

Proper Installation Ensures Long-lasting Performance!

Ultimately, correct installation of roof framing ensures the long-lasting performance of the entire roofing system. At StormForce, our mission is to deliver solid roofs which offer protection to your family and home for years to come. When you schedule your roofing installation or replacement with us, we ensure the framing is professionally secured to carry the weight of the entire roof and withstand the strongest wind uplifts. Contact us today to schedule a free roofing inspection in Jacksonville, FL!