Can You Replace Your Roof In Sections?

Can You Replace Your Roof In Sections?

Roofs are seldom single, flat expanses. They have various sections, which invites the question: can you have a roof replaced in sections? Suppose shingles on one field (the large expanse) up to a hip (the break along two surfaces) are bad, could you just replace those shingles? It is possible, but is it recommended to replace sections of your roof?


You can have limited replacement of unitized materials. Unitized materials are pieces when they’re assembled make an entire roof. Examples of unitized roofing:

  • Shingles (America’s most popular residential roofing material)
  • Metal panel
  • Tile
  • Slate

Roofing that isn’t unitized generally is commercial quality and used for flat roofs. This includes single-ply membrane and materials like BUR, Modified-Bitumen, and EPDM. Most residential homeowners will not need those types of roof replacement


If the damaged area is extensive, you may not save any money or time by limiting how much roof replacement is done. Worrying as visible damage may be, the unseen damage will cause the most problems. Your local, reliable roofing contractor can inspect your roof system to ensure every part is in good shape:

  • Roof deck
  • Sheathing
  • Underlayment
  • Flashing
  • Gutters

If the damaged area is small, limited to a single section of your roof, you may be able to replace the one section. This isn’t always an ideal strategy, and it doesn’t even save you money. Roofing materials are sold in bulk, and matching a shingle color several years after it’s been installed can be tricky.


So many roofing problems are possible when replacing a section at a time, most contractors will advise against it. For example, the roof you’re gambling will survive a few more years could be hiding unseen water damage. You pay thousands to have a section or two replaced and then leaks appear in the older sections. On top of the potential leaks, your roof will be made up of different aged sections which make repairs more difficult down the road.

For a replacement, an entire roof is usually a one-day job. You don’t save anything to have a small job done since the crew and equipment are already there. Plus, replacing a single section is harder to do than replacing the entire roof.Since you seldom save money, time, or labor charges, most homeowners opt not to replace a roof in sections. Still, it’s an option to discuss when you contact the professionals of StormForce of Jacksonville. We are happy to work with you to answer all your questions you may have about your roof.