What To Expect During The Clean Up From Your Roof Replacement

What To Expect During The Clean Up From Your Roof Replacement

Having your roof replaced or repaired can produce a lot of debris, such as nails and old shingles. This debris can make your yard hazardous and unsightly if it’s not removed. How will your roofer clean up your property before, during, and after a roof replacement or repairs?

Before Roof Work

The cleanup process doesn’t start when your roof work is done. Instead, our roofers begin cleaning up as soon as the first shingle is removed. To prepare for cleanup and to protect your lawn, our roofers will lay tarps down on all sides of your home. These tarps are placed on your yard to catch shingles and other debris removed from your roof. Landing on the tarps reduces the risk of damage to your lawn and makes the cleanup process easier.

During Roof Work

When a roof replacement or repair occurs, roofers will toss debris, such as shingles, down onto the tarps. As shingles are removed, part of the crew moves them to the dumpster. This helps keep the cleanup process running smoothly. It also prevents debris from building up on the tarps during roof work.

After Roof Work

Roofing debris can fall into your gutters during repairs or replacements. Our roofers will check your gutters for debris and clean them out as needed. This helps keep your gutters working properly and lowers the risk of roof damage.

Nails often end up on lawns during roof work, which can be dangerous for people and pets. Our roofers will use magnetic tools to find and remove nails from your yard. These tools help us pick up a majority of nails so your yard stays safe for you and your pets.

When your roof replacement or repairs are done, your home exterior and yard should be free of roofing debris. Our roofers will check your yard and roof for any nails or other debris that might have been missed during cleanup. We’ll promptly remove any remaining debris until your yard and home exterior are clear. If your Jacksonville home needs a new roof or repair, please contact StormForce today. Our professional roofers can handle your roof replacement or repairs with expert care, including the entire cleanup process.