Do Florida homes need gutters? Why No Gutters in Florida?

Does my Florida home need gutters? We get asked this question by homeowners all the time. The simple answer is… yes your home unquestionably needs rain gutters.

Here’s everything you need to know about gutters and your home.

Do Most Houses in Florida Have Rain Gutters?

While the Sunshine State boasts a tropical climate, its rainy season tends to be long and unpredictable. Rainfalls can go on for hours without letting up. Some areas receive as much as 54 inches of rainfall.

With these conditions, you’d think that gutters would be common in Florida. However, most homes have little to no guttering for various reasons, including:

  • Florida has sandy soil, so moisture absorbs rather quickly.
  • Basements aren’t prevalent here.
  • Builders try to cut back on costs because building codes don’t require gutters unless a house has a roof on top of another roof or eaves of less than 6 inches. 
  • The house is located on a slope which prevents pooling water
  • The roof is very shallow

Whatever the case may be, having gutters installed and maintained is worth the investment when you are improving the lifespan of your property.

Rain Gutters Are Essential in Florida

While sandy soil is great at absorbing moisture, flooding is more likely if there’s too much water. Sandy soil is also very easily eroded. Erosion around the foundation of your home can cause a wide range of costly issues, including foundation settlement and structural failure. 

You shouldn’t assume that you don’t need rain gutters just because the ground slopes away from your house. Builders may dig out the ground in a way that slopes away from the house, providing adequate runoff. Over time, however, the ground can settle, allowing water to pool around the base of your home. Properly installed gutters and downspouts will carry the bulk of rainwater away from the home and prevent water damage.

The other huge benefit of having a gutter system around your home is that it prevents the rollback of rainwater underneath the fascia and soffit boards and your home’s siding. Moisture can infiltrate the wall, creating rot and mold issues.

In essence, gutters direct rainwater away from your home’s foundation, siding, windows, and doors. This can prevent rotten wood, mold and mildew, cracked foundation, and roof damage.

One thing to keep in mind – your gutters must be of high quality and installed properly. Have the Jacksonville professionals at StormForce install sturdy, reliable gutters that will work for you long-term. We customize seamless gutter systems to fit your home’s exact needs. Contact us today!