How Often Do You Need to Replace Your Roof?

In order for a home to stay dry and safe from the elements, it will need a functional roofing system. Over the years, your roof will start to show signs of wear. Eventually, a homeowner will have to deal with the fact that their roof has to be replaced. When the time comes for this roof replacement in Jacksonville in Jacksonville, a homeowner will need to find the right professionals to lend them a hand. Below is some information regarding how often roof replacement is needed.

The Age of the Roof

For the most part, a roof will last anywhere from 20 to 25 years. This estimate can vary due to factors like how well the roof is ventilated or whether or not it was installed new or over an existing roof. If the roof was installed over existing layers of shingles, 20 years is probably all you will be able to get out of it. Going too far over the 20-year mark with a roof will be like tempting fate. Instead of having to deal with damaging leaks or other issues, you need to have the roof completely replaced as soon as possible. A roofing company will be able to get this type of work done in a hurry.

The Advantages of Having Your Roof Replaced

Most homeowners want to know why replacing their roof is so important. The main reason why having roof replacement in Jacksonville is important is due to the damage it can help to prevent. Leaving an old and leaky roof in place will only lead to water damage and mold development. Also, a new roof is a great way to increase the energy efficiency your home has. While a new roof may be costly, it will be well worth the investment due to the benefits it will offer.

If you are in need of a new roof, be sure to contact the team at StormForce of Jacksonville. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you get your roof replaced the right way.