Is Your Leaking Roof An Emergency?

A leaky roof can be a very disruptive event for any homeowner. Roof leaks occur for many reasons but it can sometimes be difficult to tell if your leaking roof is an emergency or just an inconvenience.

If you’re uncertain about whether or not you should schedule emergency roof repair, you’re not the only one. It’s important to understand how roof leaks happen, how they are repaired and what kind of leaks should be considered an emergency. Here is some useful information about roof leaks which can help you determine the best course of action to take.

What are some Indications Your Roof Leak is not an Emergency?

Smaller leaks which can be managed without causing major disruptions to daily life are likely not an emergency. If the leak is contained in a small area and can be managed, you can likely afford to wait a few days for repair. Sometimes, a leaky roof may not manifest itself with visible, dripping water. Some more subtle signs of a roof leak include:

  • Mold growth on the ceiling or walls
  • Water staining on drywall or carpet
  • Unpleasant odor
  • Peeling or bubbling paint from water trapped in the walls
  • Constant drip continuing to worsen

Regardless of the extent of your roof damage, it’s important to schedule a professional to inspect the leak sooner than later. Most roofing experts will be able to respond within a few days. In the event of an emergency, many roofers will respond right away, although emergency roof repairs are more expensive. You’ll want to make sure your roof leak is truly a critical situation before scheduling an emergency repair. Most experts are happy to offer guidance over the phone to determine how urgent it is to repair your leaky roof. However, roofers will need to inspect your roof in person to fully understand how bad the leak is.

Is my Leak Bad Enough to be considered an Emergency? 

An emergency roof leak will likely make it difficult for you or your loved ones to remain in the house. When a leaky roof begins to impact daily life, it probably qualifies as an emergency. It’s important to consider how the leak may be damaging the support structure of your roof as well. Check your attic space to look for signs of moisture or mold. Roof leaks can cause issues like corrosion to screws, brackets, flashing and other metal components, so keep an eye out for reddish stains throughout the attic. If the leak isn’t currently active, the situation is likely not a complete emergency. However, it’s important to consider environmental factors. If your leak became apparent during a recent heavy rain, check the weather to ensure another wave of storms isn’t on the horizon. It can be very frustrating to wake up in the middle of the night to a torrent of water pouring in from pre-existing storm damage to the roof. 

Steps to Take When Your Roof Leaks

It’s never a good idea for homeowners to get on their roof to conduct repairs themselves. First, you will want to take some time to find a trusted, local roofing contractor and schedule a roof inspection. Experts will be able to safely locate the source of the leak and provide you with an accurate cost estimate to complete the repair. They will seal up any penetrations causing water to enter the home and address any issues which may cause leaks in the future. Additionally, roofing professionals will thoroughly inspect your attic space to determine the scope of the damage. Roof leaks can accelerate the rotting of wood in the roof frame, cause wood to warp, and ultimately undermine the integrity of your home. Roofers will also check to ensure your attic is receiving adequate ventilation to prevent issues with heat gain, ice dams, or moisture buildup beneath the roof.

If the price of the repair will exceed the cost of replacing the roof altogether, a completely new roof installation may be recommended. This is an especially attractive option if your shingles are reaching the end of their lifespan anyway. Consider the number of years left on your roof warranty to decide whether repair or replacement is more cost-effective. Replacing your roof is a great opportunity to consider installing stronger roof materials such as metal, slate, or asphalt shingles with better wind ratings.If you need reliable emergency roof repair for your Jacksonville home, call StormForce today for immediate assistance. StormForce is a GAF MasterElite contractor, HAAG Certified and currently rated as the top provider of roofing services throughout Jacksonville. For over a decade, our team of roofing professionals has built a reputation for providing quality roofing services you can depend on, day or night.