3 Things To Know About Your Lifetime Roof Warranty

3 Things To Know About Your Lifetime Roof Warranty

Roofing shingle manufacturers offer limited roof warranties on most products at different price points. A lifetime roof warranty can be more confusing. It is sometimes difficult to know if you are getting the best deal, and what a lifetime warranty means for you and your home. Here, we highlight three things you need to know about a lifetime roof warranty to make a properly informed buying decision.

What is a Lifetime Roof Warranty?

Regardless of how long the roofing material is rated to last, most shingle manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty. The term “lifetime” causes a large amount of confusion when referring to a shingle warranty.  Some popular misconceptions about lifetime warranties are that they continue for the duration of the homeowners life or that they last for the lifespan of the home. 

A lifetime shingle warranty doesn’t cover your roof for a literal lifetime and it doesn’t mean your roof will withstand the elements forever. When you are talking about a warranty lifetime, the lifetime is considered how long the shingles are rated to last. Typically, 3-tab roofing shingles last about 20-22 years, while dimensional shingles have an expected 25-28 years. 

Your lifetime warranty will be good until the roof reaches the end of its lifespan. The warranty will protect you against damages caused by manufacturing defects during this time.

What Affects the Lifetime of Shingles?

How long your roof will last will depend on several factors, including:

Quality of Installation

The installation technique used and the quality of workmanship can significantly impact how your roof stands up to the years. Installation defects can lead to early deterioration and premature roof failure. Conversely, adhering to all manufacturer’s instructions will give your roof more durability and protect your warranty. 

You need to hire an experienced and reliable roofing contractor to ensure you’re getting the best service.

Weather Conditions

While asphalt shingles are created to be durable, they are strongly affected by weather conditions. The intense heat and UV radiation in Florida will accelerate roof deterioration. Severe hurricane winds, heavy hail, tropical storms, and heavy rain can leave your roof with serious damages and a shortened lifespan.

Level of Maintenance

Failing to maintain your roof can cause even the toughest roofs with the highest quality installation to develop significant issues and require replacement sooner than expected. The lifespan of your roof could be shortened if you forgo routine maintenance like:

  • clearing off roof debris
  • cleaning clogged gutters
  • replacing missing shingles
  • repairing damaged shingles
  • getting a roof inspection after a storm

 Regular maintenance is vital to the longevity of your roof and the validity of your roof warranty. If you need a new roof in Jacksonville, FL, you can rely on StormForce Roofing for exceptional workmanship and top-of-the-line roofing products. StormForce is a GAF Certified Master Elite Contractor, so they can provide you with the best warranty on the market on all installations. This includes a 50-year non-prorated warranty on products and a 25-year workmanship warranty. Contact us today and let us get your new roof done right.