Need Contractors? 4 Tips to Hire Right

For any job, the right hire will always stand out. The wrong hires, on the other hand, could be costly. Here’s how to make sure you hire right for your roofing problems every time:

    • Check their experienceHiring untrained contractors can worsen the problem. If you’ve got a specific problem or issue, get roofing contractors in Jacksonville who already have experience in dealing with and managing that kind of repair job. That way, you have a much better chance of finding a team of contractors that can really deliver the kind of results you need. By hiring contractors who have already spent years in the business, says House Logic, you can breathe easy, knowing your home is in good hands.

  • Ask about their reputationYou could do this in a number of ways. First, ask friends and family who live in the area. Chances are, they’ve already worked with one or two of the contractors on your list. If that doesn’t pan out, then go online and search the Better Business Bureau site. Take any complaints that pop up with a grain of salt. Another option is to ask for references from the contractors themselves and call up the numbers. Lastly, you could even reach out to your suppliers and ask them about the contractors on your list. It’s a small world, which pretty much means your suppliers have a close professional relationship with contractors in your area.
  • Listen to your gutIf, for any reason, you find yourself uncomfortable around a particular contractor, don’t question your instincts. Say goodbye and move on to the next on your list. Whoever you choose is going to be around you and your family. So go for a trustworthy choice. If you catch your would-be contractor eyeing your TV or electronics with a shady twinkle in the eye, or he seems to be a fly-by-night fellow, spare yourself the trouble, stress and expense of hiring someone unsuitable.
  • Ask about the cleanupMost homeowners don’t realize the amount of debris that can result when an old roof is gouged apart and a new one is installed in its place. So before you sign anything, get the roofing company to take care of the debris disposal. Also, find a way to protect your garden, if you’ve got one. Falling debris can kill your tomatoes and basil plants in one direct hit. It is always a plus if the roofing contractor believes in recycling all of the waste from the roofing job.