How Are Roof Repairs Done And What Do They Cost?

How Are Roof Repairs Done And What Do They Cost?

If your home’s roof is in need of repairs, you’re likely wondering how it will be done and what the bill will look like. There are a myriad of factors which go into determining the scope and overall price of a roof repair. The size, shape, and age of your home all influence roof repair prices. Take some time to review a few factors professionals will consider when evaluating the damage to your roof, how long the repair may take, and how much it may cost.

The Age of Your Roof

Generally speaking, the older a roof is, the more challenging it may be to find matching replacement materials when performing a repair. If your roof is reaching the end of its warranty or lifespan, it may be more cost-effective to consider investing in roof replacement. Many buildings constructed in the early years of American history were comprised of slate or clay tiles. In the 1920s, America saw a renewed interest in these Tudor-style rooftops. Repairing older roofs like these takes more time and will cost more in materials. In contrast, repairing an asphalt shingle roof which is 10 to 15 years old is a much simpler task. For instance, if the flashing on edge of a clay tile roof needs to be replaced, many of the tiles surrounding the damaged area will typically need to be removed as well. This isn’t the case with an asphalt roof.

The Extent of Repairs Needed

Much of your roof repair cost will be determined by the extent and severity of the damage to your roof. If the damaged area of your roof extends into roof penetrations like skylights or chimney flashing, it will take longer to repair. If the damage to your roof extends to features like your gutters, fascia, or soffit, you’ll need to take into account the cost of replacing these materials as well.

Also, no two roofs are built exactly the same. A rooftop with more complex valleys or features will require more labor, time, and materials to repair. Likewise, multistory homes or homes which cover a lot of square footage will take longer to work on, especially if the damage is extensive. Older homes for example may have gutter systems built into the fascia, making repairs of those areas much more involved than it would be on homes more recently constructed.

Often times, the full scope of the damage done may not be readily apparent. If a breach in the roof has gone unnoticed for long enough, water can begin finding its way into your home, undermining the integrity of your roof’s support structure. This can lead to mold growth in your attic space, corrosion of metal components in the frame, and water damage to your home.

The Process of Completing Your Roof Repair

It is never advised for a homeowner to get on their roof after it has sustained damage. First, you will want to schedule a comprehensive inspection of your roof inside and out to determine how bad the damage is. Professionals will be able to quickly determine if the issue can be repaired or if complete roof replacement may be needed. If the roof must be replaced, this may be a great opportunity to explore upgrading your roof altogether. Consider replacing old siding or installing a completely new gutter system to improve the look of your home. By lumping together upgrades with repairs, you will save more time and money long-term than you would by paying for them separately. You’ll want to discuss your options with a trusted local roofing contractor before making a decision.

Also, take the time to discuss the warranty for your new roof and take advantage of maintenance plans to keep it in good shape going forward. While repairing the roof yourself may seem like a good way to save money in the short-term, working on a roof is dangerous, time-consuming labor. Not only that, if an issue with the repair causes problems in the future, you won’t be backed up by any warranties. Having your roof repaired or replaced by professionals will help protect your investment for many years to come.

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