Why Is It Important To Care About The Roofing Materials You Choose?

Why Is It Important To Care About The Roofing Materials You Choose?

Homeowners often only realize the essence of their roof when it starts troubling them frequently. It is important to care about the roofing materials you select because they:

  • Are necessary for a durable roof with a long lifespan
  • Enhance home curb appeal
  • Provide high energy efficiency
  • Protect your home from various weather elements

In addition, understanding the essence of different types of materials plus their sustainability helps make an informed choice.

Roofing work is not a small decision for a homeowner or a cheap one. Fortunately, the materials used to construct roofs have improved considerably over the years. Therefore, it is crucial to get the right quality roofing materials for your project and hire an experienced and qualified roofer to get the job done well.

Still on the fence on the effect of the roofing materials you choose? Read on.

Why Are Roofing Materials Important?

Some homeowners only consider either aesthetics or price when selecting roofing materials for their homes. Of course, your budget and curb appeal matter. However, since the roof contributes to almost everything making your Jacksonville, FL, home livable, it’s pertinent to consider the following:

  • Location and Weather Endurance: All roofing materials are subject to changing weather conditions, so location matters when choosing materials. Avoid wood or clay material for your roof because they can absorb moisture and get damaged.
  • Duration: All roofing materials have a shelf life, so selecting those with long lifespans suitable to your location is advisable. They may be costly, but their durability offsets the high initial cost.
  • Long-Term Maintenance: Roofing materials with long-lasting wear have low maintenance costs despite their high initial installation expenses.
  • Energy Efficiency: Your roof’s ability to reflect heat during summer determines your indoor comfort levels and energy bills.
  • Material Weight: The weight of your roofing material of choice can affect your project’s labor cost and timeline. Selecting a heavier material than your current roofing system can handle requires structural adjustments to support the added weight, or you risk damaging your home.
  • Roof Style and Slope: Different roof styles will require different roofing materials. Therefore, it is critical to understand your roof’s shape, angle, slope, and appearance. For example, most American homes have asphalt shingle roofs because of their steep pitch. Conversely, a low roof pitch requires specialized products which are leak-resistant when exposed to pooling water.
  • Architectural authenticity: Always honor tradition when repairing or replacing your roof. Homes with a traditional style have pre-determined roofing materials, usually slates, wood shakes, and masonry tiles. However, owners of contemporary properties can opt for eclectic exterior designs, such as metal roofing systems.
  • Price Range: Select roofing materials within your budget. Materials take up a significant chunk of your project cost, and you also need to account for other expenses like labor costs, permit application, or unexpected changes.

How Do Better Materials Help Your Roof?

Quality roofing materials can help your roof and home in the following ways:

  • Improve curb appeal
  • Remain energy efficient
  • Lower the long-term maintenance costs
  • Increase the roof’s duration
  • Endure the local climate and weather in Florida

However, all these benefits count for nothing if you fail to hire an experienced and qualified local roofing contractor.

The Essence of Hiring a Qualified Roofing Contractor

A good roofing contractor will explain to you in-depth about your different options for roofing materials. They will also give you detailed estimates for each and break down the costs with you.

Some roofers give a free initial inspection where they get up on your roof and assess its condition. After inspecting your roofing system, size, slope, and other relevant factors, they make solid recommendations. They should consider your style, preferences, budget, and other relevant factors, such as how long you plan to live on the property.

If you wish to sell at some point, your roofer will recommend materials to add the most value to the property in your location. For example, many Floridian homeowners and buyers value algae-resistant roofing materials.

Hire a Jacksonville, FL, Roofing Contractor Near You

If you have questions about your next roofing project and what materials are best for your Jacksonville home, schedule an inspection with StormForce. Our experienced technicians will handle the assessment and make informed recommendations based on their findings and other factors, such as your personal preferences and home style. We have a flawless customer support experience and hire licensed, insured, and highly-trained technicians with the utmost competence and professionalism. We also work with high-quality roofing materials to fit your budget. Contact us to discuss your roofing needs.