How To Know You Hired The Best Jacksonville Roofer

How To Know You Hired The Best Jacksonville Roofer

With Hurricane Dorian recently ripping through Florida, Jacksonville homeowners are increasingly searching for roofing contractors they can trust. Although there are dozens of reputable roofing companies in Jacksonville, FL, finding the best roofer isn’t always a walk in the park. Fortunately for you, we have outlined ten signs to know you hired the best Jacksonville roofer. Read on!

1. They Are Licensed and Insured

The roofing contractor must have proper insurance for all employees and subcontractors. Ask for a copy of the insurance certificate for validation. Working with a roofer with inadequate insurance could potentially lead to litigation issues if a roofing employee gets injured in your home. Additionally, the contractor must be licensed to execute roofing projects. Ask for proof of license and confirm its status online.

2. They Have the Training to Work on Your Roof System

Your contractor must have the training and expertise to work on your specific roofing system. Working with untrained contractors can worsen the condition of your roof. Consider roofers who have several years of experience working with your type of roof. Depending on your roofing system, you may need a roofing contractor with skills in installing, maintaining, and replacing asphalt shingles, metal roofing, clay and concrete tiles, and slate roofing.

3. They Do Not Use Sub-contractors

You’ll want to avoid storm-chasers and dispatchers. Some roofing contractors may clothe themselves as trusted brands but only hire untrained, inexperienced subcontractors to do the job. While some subcontractors may have the best intentions, they rarely deliver the right skills, experience, and customer service that an in-house team can bring to your project.

4. They Are Local

A local roofing company will deliver the highest quality service since they’re experienced dealing with your region’s roofing challenges. Local contractors rely on customers’ goodwill for reviews and referrals, so they’ll go the extra mile to maintain a good reputation in the locality. They’ll also be more courteous, attentive, and prompt in addressing emergency roofing issues. More importantly, a local contractor is more conversant with local building rules and code regulations.

5. They Have Good Customer Reviews

A trusted roofing contractor should have exemplary customer reviews and provide references for you to call. If they’ve done other roofs in your neighborhood, they should provide contacts for those customers to help you get unbiased recommendations. You should also visit their website and go through customer reviews to get a feel of what previous customers say about their services.

6. They Have Good Communication

How long does the roofer take to return calls or emails? Go for a roofing contractor who respectfully answers your questions and does not push proposals on you. You should also feel comfortable around the contractor. Whoever you choose to work on your roof will be around you and your family, so trustworthiness and clear communication are critical.

7. They Begin With a Though Roof Inspection

When the roofing contractor comes for the first, free inspection, they should go up on your roof, into your attic, and carry out thorough roof inspection before issuing a quote. They should also make provisions for permits and other paperwork. A good roofer understands the roofing process in and out, so they shouldn’t leave you stuck trying to figure out what your roof requires on your own.

8. They Don’t Ask for Upfront Payment

Always be wary of contractors asking for money upfront for work done around your home. Many reputable building contractors will request a deposit, this is standard in the roofing industry. Always ask for a full disclosure of costs in writing before paying out any money.

9. They Give a Detailed Cost Estimate

When it’s time to get an estimate from your roofer, ensure it entails line items on services and materials they are providing. Proposals can differ considerably from one roofing company to the next. A detailed estimate should contain the following:

  • Payment terms
  • Start and completion dates
  • Cost of materials and labor
  • Costs of permits and cleanup and removal of construction debris
  • Type of shingles, underlayment, or flashings to be used
  • Copy of license and insurance certificates

10. They Offer Fair Prices

Finally, consider a roofing contractor who offers value for your money. As much as the prices need to be fair, it’s sometimes worth working with a contractor with undisputed quality service and experience even if they charge a couple of hundred extra dollars. Also, consider a contractor who offers the best warranty on the work provided. It’s an assurance that if anything goes wrong within a specific timeframe, the roofer will come back and do the repair at no extra cost to you. 

By addressing all the above issues, you should easily find the best Jacksonville roofer. StormForce is a reputable local roofer in Jacksonville, FL who opts for excellence in every roofing project. No matter how serious your roof problem is, you can count on us to restore its integrity and make your home warm and cozy again. We are fully licensed and insured to safely and affordably carry our roof installation, repair, and replacement in Jacksonville, FL. Contact us today to get a free, no-obligation estimate.