Behind The Scenes Of What A Roofing Contractor Does For You

Behind The Scenes Of What A Roofing Contractor Does For You

Your roof provides the vital function of protecting your home, as well as your furnishings and other belongings, from the elements. When it needs to be repaired or replaced, a roofing contractor is your best bet.

The following takes you behind the scenes of what a roofing contractor does for you:

Provides expertise

When you’re having a roofing problem or question, call in the experts. A general contractor may be able to make some repairs, but this profession is more of a “jack of all trades.” A roofing contractor, on the other hand, has the specialized expertise to know what the issue is and how to best fix it.

Protects your safety

If you’re tempted to try a do-it-yourself project by fixing your roof, you may end up with an insufficient repair or cause more damage to your roof. Even worse, getting up on your roof is dangerous, and if you fall, it could have tragic consequences.

Provides reliability and trustworthiness

A reliable roofing contractor will be licensed and insured. This assures they meet certain standards and it gives you protection if a worker is injured while working on your roof.

Provides trained workers

If you hire a general contractor, they’ll use subcontractors to do the work on your roof. These workers aren’t employed by the general contractor and will have varying degrees of training and expertise. A roofing contractor provides trained roofers who adhere to the company’s standards.

Knows local building codes

A roofing repair or replacement must adhere to local building codes. A roofing contractor knows the ins and outs of these codes and will abide by them. They’ll make sure your roof is properly repaired or replaced and is not in violation of local laws.

Discusses your options with you

A roofing contractor will inspect your roof and let you know if and where it has problems. They’ll thoroughly explain your options to you and advise you on whether a repair or a replacement is your better option.

Offers a roof maintenance program

A roof is a big investment, and keeping it well maintained will increase its performance as well as its longevity. Any problem will only get worse over time, so it pays to find and correct issues as soon as possible. A small leak left unattended can turn into a large one causing major damage.

Roofing contractors offer maintenance programs including tasks like inspections and surface cleanings. They also provide a quick expert response if you discover a problem with your roof. This lets you easily make sure your roof is kept in great condition and allows any small issues to be fixed before they become more extensive and expensive.

Recommends the best materials for your new roof

If you’re getting a new roof, a roofing contractor can make recommendations based on your specific needs and circumstances. These include your roof’s pitch (elevation), how long you plan on living in your home, what type of roofing material will enhance your home’s appearance, and your budget. Where your home is located is also a primary consideration.

For example, if you live in Jacksonville, FL and need a roof capable of standing up to the sun’s rays day after day, you might want to consider a clay or tile roof. While they’re initially more expensive, clay or tile roofing materials are more energy-efficient and able to stand up to the sun’s rays. If your home experiences hail and wind, modern mainline asphalt shingles might be your best option.

Offers additional warranties

Your roofing materials come with a warranty to ensure they were manufactured correctly. For extra protection, the best roofing contractors offer additional warranties on their workmanship and may also cover the entire roofing system, including items such as flashing, instead of just the shingles.

This type of warranty protects your investment and gives you peace of mind. If your roofing doesn’t perform up to standards, you’ll have protection.

Helps you find affordable financing

A new roof is expensive, and it’s not always covered by your homeowner’s insurance. Some roofing contractors can help you find affordable financing so you can get your project completed without putting any undue strain on your budget.

For more information about what a roofing contractor can do for you, contact StormForce of Jacksonville, FL today. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and hold many professional certifications. Our company is committed to ethically serving, “wowing,” and protecting our customers’ interests while using the best materials and highest level of workmanship.