A few things you need to know before replacing your roof

Although the roof on your house may reach the point where it does need to be replaced, this is not a step that you take lightly. The roof of a home is something that the homeowner can certainly observe but trying to determine the actual condition is something that only a professional roofing contractor can ascertain. When you realize that you have a problem and you are unsure whether it is a problem that can be fixed or whether complete roof replacement is needed a roofing contractor is the individual to ask. Replacing a roof is an expensive undertaking and before you go ahead with it you will want to be very sure that replacement is necessary.

Although it may turn out that a complete roof replacement is required, there are still things that you need to think about.

  • Material: A decent roof on a residential property should normally last 25 years or so. The materials that are available today are significantly different than the materials available years ago. Perhaps replacing asphalt shingles with asphalt shingles is no longer the right choice, consider all the materials that are available, choose that which will give you excellent service for years to come and meets your budget.
  • Referrals: When it comes to a roof replacement there are actually two primary considerations; one of course is the professional and quality roofing contractor, the other is the roofing material used. As you discuss the project with various roofing contractors ask them to give you a couple of referrals, homeowners that have had their roof replaced with the material you are considering. A quick phone call can confirm the quality of both the material and the contractor.
  • Replace or resurface: Building codes normally allow for two layers of roofing material. If the substrate of the existing roof is in good condition, you may consider installing new material over the old, if however the roof substrate is water damaged, rotted or weakened then the old surface must be removed, the damage repaired and then the new roof material can be installed.
  • Contract: Never take on a project like a roof replacement on a handshake, always insist on a detailed, written estimate of what has to be done and what materials will be used. If there is the possibility that additional costs will be incurred once the project is well underway, ensure that the contractor first gets your approval before proceeding.

What is extremely important when undertaking a major project such as roof replacement is trust; you need to feel confident that the contractor you hire is reputable, is known for high quality workmanship and warrants his work and the material used.