How To Tell When Your Roof Is Damaged

How To Tell When Your Roof Is Damaged

Having a roof over your head is one of the most important things in life, so when your roof starts to show signs of deterioration, it’s important to address the issue right away. Your Jacksonville home’s roof will degrade over the years but regular preventative maintenance and inspections can solve a lot of problems before they start. If you’d like to check your home for roof damage, here are a few of the common issues homeowners encounter.

Interior Walls are Stained or Wet

Check the walls in your home for signs of moisture, cracks or peeling paint. This can indicate water is seeping in through your rafters and getting behind the walls. Long term water damage behind your walls can result in mold growth and wood decay, potentially costing you thousands down the road. The strong storms which often roll through Florida can wreak havoc on your home so it’s vital to trace the source of the issue quickly.

Physical Damage to the Roof

Take the time to look for punctures or pooling water on your roof. Previous storms and other weather conditions may have caused damage you’re not aware of. This is also a good opportunity to have debris removed from the roof. Stray screws or nails can easily puncture the roof and cause bigger issues over the years. Look for loose or missing shingles or any signs of corrosion or rust. Get in touch with a trusted local roofing company to replace damaged fascia, chimney flashing or other areas of concern.

Clogs in the Gutter or Downspout

Clogged gutters or downspouts are a common problem for homeowners. It’s especially important to check your gutters at least once a year, ideally in late fall. Check for signs of corrosion around the flashings, vents and drip edges as well. A clogged gutter can cause water to build up, and overflow where it was not intended, potentially damaging siding or decking. Check for signs of decay around the house to pinpoint problem areas to be repaired.

For assistance inspecting and repairing your Jacksonville area home, contact StormForce today. Our certified professionals have years of experience inspecting, repairing and maintaining the roofs of their loyal customers. Let our team of experts inspect your home for any signs of concern so you can rest assured your family is covered, rain or shine.