What You Need To Know About Loud Roof Replacements

What You Need To Know About Your Roof Replacement

Quick — how many layers are on your roof? If you do not know, you may not know what goes into a full roof replacement. The many layers (yes, many!) add up to a water-resistant, long-lasting crowning glory to your Jacksonville home. 

Peeling Back

You may want to know what roof replacement involves. Do you have a role to play? You deserve to know what roof replacement involves. Let’s peel back the layers and see what makes your Jacksonville-area home’s roof so good at its job:

  1. Roof deck — The structural members of your home that support the roof and determine its pitch (or angle); these rafters, purlins, struts, and collar ties are seldom replaced unless they have sustained blunt force damage, or are rotted
  2. Sheathing — The oriented strand board (OSB) or plywood that unites the roof deck and supports individual shingles; these sheets are often replaced when mold or water infiltration has taken hold
  3. Underlayment — The synthetic or organic roll material that prevents serious water damage to the sheathing, deck, and attic insulation; this is often replaced when a full roof replacement is needed 
  4. Ice and water barrier — Usually limited to the first three feet of the roof, and to all hips and valleys, this self-adhesive, thick membrane adds plenty of valuable protection against water and ice damage
  5. Shingles — This is the visible layer most people know as “the roof,” but it in itself is a carefully engineered blend of fiberglass, asphalt, granules, and adhesives; a full roof replacement means every shingle comes off, and all-new shingles go on 
  6. Ridge vents — No roof can function without adequate air movement (ventilation); the ridge vents, combined with soffit vents and gable vents, allow air to circulate; in roof replacement, expect these to be replaced, too

Wait, There’s More!

Any good roofer will inspect and recommend replacements of additional components to your roof:

  • Flashing — The thin metal that helps bridge between unlike materials (shingles and stone; shingles and vents; shingles and skylights); this is often replaced if it is loose, rusted, or corroded
  • Boots — The rubber seals around roof piercings are often degraded by ultraviolet light; expect to have these replaced to prevent water leaks
  • Gutters — Gutters are seldom considered part of the roof, but they are the final step in ridding your roof of water; without good gutters, even the best shingle roof could lead to water infiltration, mold, mildew, and ruined possessions

Order of Events

What should you expect with roof replacement? You almost need a program or a scorecard to get a sense of how much your roofer does in a short time. Once you sign a contract to have your roof replaced, a lot happens in mere days:

  • Materials are ordered and drop-shipped to your home
  • Work dates are set
  • The roofing crew arrives, protects your landscaping, and tears off the old roof — shingles, ridge vents, underlayment (at a minimum)
  • The old roof is carted away or, better, recycled!
  • The new roof is carefully, expertly installed
  • Clean-up of your yard, the roof, and worksite
  • Final inspection to avoid inconvenient callbacks 

Only after the entire job is done do you pay for the finished roof replacement! This is not typical — most roofers expect at least one-third upfront, just to secure the work dates. 

Roof warranties are subsequently mailed to you from the manufacturer and the installer, after payment in full. 

Picky, Picky

You may be an easygoing homeowner about most things; you hire the local teenager to clean your gutters, you go for the sale items on lawn furniture. But with roof replacement, you need to be a picky person. Look for the best roofer to provide the best roof. 

Most roofers expect to bid competitively on any residential roof replacement. Look for the three most highly recommended roofers and make sure you get an apples-to-apples bid from each:

  • Scope of work
  • Expected timeline
  • Specific brands and price points for underlayment, water and ice shield, and shingles

In the Jacksonville area, you have plenty of choices … sort of. You can find many roofers, but to find the best, look for a roofer who:

One Jacksonville roofer meets every one of those qualifications: StormForce of Jacksonville. Partner with us and you will be pleased with your perfectly performed roof replacement! 

The first thing to do when you know you need roof replacement is to contact us at StormForce of Jacksonville. Whether we are your only choice or one of three bids on your roof replacement, we know you will be happy with us on the job and on your roof.