How To Understand What Your Roof Repairs Will Cost

How To Understand What Your Roof Replacement Will Cost

Replacing a roof can be expensive; however, if your roof has to be replaced, there’s no way to get around it. It is helpful to know what you can expect to pay for a new roof. There’s no flat fee when it comes to a replacement. There are many factors that contribute to the cost, which is why it can vary from one roofer to another. The following are the main factors that contribute to the total cost of a roof replacement.

Materials Used

The type of material you use for your roof will greatly affect the price. Asphalt shingles are going to be much cheaper to install than slate. Metal roofing is a different cost than tile roofing.

Size of the Roof

This one should be obvious. The bigger the roof is, the more materials you’ll have to pay for. Not to mention, a larger roof will take longer to install which adds more to the labor costs.

Slope of the Roof

If the slope of the roof is steep, it will require more materials to cover. It will also be more difficult for the roofer to install since a steep roof can be dangerous to traverse. As a result, a roof with a steep slope or pitch will have more safety requirements and will take longer to install.

Height of the Roof

The higher the roof is, the more dangerous the work is. Roofers will have to be much more careful. It will also take longer to bring materials up to the roof to install.

Features of the Roof

The more features that your roof has, the more time it will take to install the roof. For example, if the roof has a chimney, then the roofer will have to install the roof around the chimney and add flashing around it as well. Features like chimneys, vents, and skylights will all make the roof installation more challenging for the roofer to complete.

These are the main factors that contribute to the cost of a roof replacement. If you need to have your roof replaced, then be sure to contact us at StormForce in Jacksonville, FL, for a free estimate on how much a new roof replacement will cost.

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