What Is The Best Residential Roofing Shingle For Your Home

What Is The Best Residential Roofing Shingle For Your Home

Your roof is the single barrier against the weathering effects striking a home every day. As the materials decline, contemplating the next installation is just smart homeownership. Explore your choices of the best residential roofing shingle for your home. The marketplace is full of viable selections.

1. Asphalt

StormForce out of Jacksonville, Florida, is proud to offer asphalt shingles in various colors and styles. These roofing materials remain as one of the best choices for property value and budget-friendly concerns.

These shingles are lightweight and easily installed with the proper training. They’re used for either roof repair or replacement options. Today’s asphalt shingles have distinct designs to match any home decor.

With strong underlayment laid beneath the shingles, asphalt materials reliably route rainwater to the gutters and ground below. Depending on the manufacturer, asphalt shingles last around 20 or 30 years.

They’re appropriate for most Florida rooftops, including steep-slope types. Rain and winds are no match for asphalt shingles.

2. Tile

Tile roofs have a traditional, ceramic shape that decorates many Florida homes. They’re reminiscent of the Mediterranean, which fits the region’s overall aesthetic. What is the best residential roofing shingle? Tile is one of the top options.

They last for 50 years or longer with proper installation. The material reflects heat, which is a necessity in the Southeast.

Tiles are incredibly strong because of their density. If your home is ready for a roof repair or replacement service, the structure should be examined in order to verify if the tiles’ weight can be supported.

A single homeowner may only need to replace the rooftop once in a lifetime with these materials.

3. Slate

Choosing a slate shingle for your installation can last longer than the building itself. Slate is made up of stone in almost any color palette. Florida residents consider slate when they have a home they want to keep for many generations.

The materials don’t give off any fumes, which helps the environment. They’re also fireproof when installed by a qualified professional.

A major benefit of slate is its insulating action. It keeps the heat out of the home, which is incredibly important year-round.

From afar, slate might resemble traditional shingles. Some homeowners might appreciate that fact, especially if there are neighborhood rules to adhere to from an installation standpoint.

Work with StormForce on your new rooftop today. This Jacksonville, Florida, company takes pride in every project. A brand-new rooftop adds value to the property while improving its aesthetic.