When Is The Best Time To Repair Roof Shingles?

When Is The Best Time To Repair Roof Shingles?

Damaged roof shingles occur on every structure at some point in time. The key is to fix them as soon as possible. Learn more about the best time to repair roof shingles in beautiful Florida.

Gauge the Damage’s Extent

You might realize there’s a rooftop issue when these symptoms arise, such as:

  • Interior, drywall damage
  • Leaks into the attic

When damage does occur, you need to know its severity level. If possible, head out to the curb to look up at the roof from the ground level. Look for any shingles that might be missing, askew, or curling. Any of these features tell you when to repair roof shingles right away.

Contact Your Roofing Professional

Contact your trusted professionals, such as StormForce, if you suspect any damage. Provide any details about the damage over the phone.

Although an accurate quote cannot be completed with just a phone call, the roofers can give you an idea of the possible repairs. They also set a time to come out to inspect your roof, although the list can grow quite long if there’s a particular storm moving through the area. Depending on the damage description, the roofers should give you an ETA on their arrival time or date. It will vary according to the situations at play.

Opt for Temporary Solutions During Turbulent Weather

Jacksonville, Florida, has its share of extreme weather patterns. From sunny days to hurricane-force winds, timing when to repair roof shingles is largely based on the surrounding conditions. Roofers cannot access the roof when gusty winds prevail. As you speak with the roofers, they’ll offer a few temporary fixes if the weather is too severe to repair the shingles right away. These options might include these actions:

  • Covering the damage with a tarp
  • Placing buckets under active leaks

Follow the temporary measures to minimize damage. The roofers will fix the issues as soon as possible.

Repair or Replace Sections

Permanent solutions occur when the roofers can safely walk across the rooftop. Your roof repair might include shingle patches or entire section replacements. The roofers will cover these options when they see the damage in person. Shingles damaged in groups on the rooftop will always be replaced in large sections, reports Bob Vila. Isolated shingle damage will just be addressed with simple patches.

Professional roofers can return your home back to normal when shingle damages are present. Work with StormForce out of Jacksonville, Florida, today. Protecting your home and family is part of the roofer’s job.