How A Leaking Roof Causes Mold And How To Stop It

How A Leaking Roof Causes Mold And How To Stop It

As a responsible homeowner, you take pride in maintaining your home. Practicing preventative measures is a prudent way to keep your home in good repair. Caring for your roof is essential to keeping a trouble-free home.

How A Good Roof Becomes A Leaky Roof

Jacksonville weather creates ideal conditions for roof damage. Hail and high winds loosen even the strongest shingles. A quick glance up at your roof after a storm may not show evidence of harm to your roof’s shingles or tiles. High winds easily lift shingles allowing water to seep underneath. Hail comes along and weakens or even cracks roofing material.

Occasionally, roof damage is obvious. But, it’s quite common for damage to accumulate gradually. Extreme swings between hot and cold temperatures erode your roof’s protective coating. A damaged roof becomes a leaky roof. Leaky roofs lead to mildew and mold creeping into your home. Timely roof repair stops mold from forming.

Leaky Roofs Lead to Moldy Houses

Can a leaking roof cause mold? The EPA says yes. Their experts explain mold grows within trapped areas where moisture cannot escape. If your roof leaks, air cannot reach the moisture to dry the area. Moldy bacteria forms in the damp areas.

Is Mold Really That Serious?

Some folks may wonder why mold is such a big deal. There are several reasons to take mold formation seriously. Mold causes structural damage to a building. This weakens your home and leads to rot and disintegration of your house.

Another reason to avoid mold is the damage it does to the human body. Mold spores lead to breathing and respiratory problems. Eventually, mold can cause irreversible damage to the body. Protect your health and keep your family healthy by avoiding contact with mold.

You Can Minimize or Even Avoid Roof Leaks

Establishing an ongoing relationship with a StormForce roofing specialist offers many benefits. Our roofing professional becomes your partner in preserving the roof sheltering your family. Common roof problems lead to leaks years before you see the evidence. Leaks affect insulation, ceiling tiles and much more by causing mildew and mold.

A reputable roofing expert performs regular and thorough inspections of your entire roof. Doing this brings evidence of damaged or broken roofing materials to your attention. Your roofing partner also finds loose shingles and tiles. Repairs and replacements quickly create a hostile place for leaks.

Removing roof leaks denies entry to mold and mildew due to roofing problems. Using proper roofing materials reduces or eliminates roof leaks.

Quick Intervention Can Prevent Permanent Damage

If your roof sustains severe damage and exposes the interior to moisture, you need help fast. You have about 24 to 48 hours to dry any materials exposed to moisture before mold starts to form. The EPA recommends professional intervention within that period. Otherwise, mold is likely to set in.

Why risk your health or your home when action by a roofing specialist is available? Quick intervention and repairs by your roofing partner bring security and confidence.

With So Much at Stake, Only Trust the Best

Living in Jacksonville, you appreciate building a rapport with an honest roofing company. Timely roof repairs keep your home and family safe from leaks and mold. StormForce roofing experts are available when you need us. Don’t risk your home, health or family by trusting amateurs. We provide you and your family with peace of mind by doing the job right the first time.