How To Understand The Time Span Of A Full Roof Replacement

How To Understand The Time Span Of A Full Roof Replacement

The timeline for a professional full roof replacement can vary widely. Learn how long it takes to install a full roof replacement and how it translates into a realistic timeline.

Removal Process

Several layers must be removed from the rooftop, including:

  • Shingles
  • Underlayment
  • Flashing
  • Drip edges

Removing the layers in a swift movement, such as by the expert touch of StormForce, is possible. However, there must still be care involved so the structure isn’t damaged during the process.

The contractors must pull every fastener from the rooftop along with the materials. Each detail adds to the time span of a complete replacement. In many cases, the removal process can take longer than actually installing your new roof.

Examining and Repairing the Deck

With all of the materials removed, the Jacksonville roofers can now examine the physical structure. The majority of homes have plywood, or sheathing, forming the roof’s base. Over time, the sheathing can degrade from age and moisture exposure.

A bare rooftop is a perfect setting for a full examination. The contractors look over the sheathing. They’ll verify if any wood requires replacement.

Some homes have more damaged sheathing than others. Excessive damage takes longer to repair. However, replacing the damaged wood now is always a good idea because the roof is fully exposed for the project.

Major Structural Issues

If any sheathing is damaged, the roofers will take extra time to examine the attic space. The wood beams supporting the sheathing may be damaged as well.

The contractors must replace any structural wood to support the future roof. Depending on the amount of lumber in question, your full roof replacement will take much longer. The contractor may even bring in more workers to keep the project on track.

Adding the New Materials

Once your roof has strong sheathing and structural wood, underlayment and shingles can be installed. Roofers begin at the base edges of the roof as they build up the roofing layers.

The time-consuming part of this process is adding all of the fasteners. Dozens of nails go into each square feet. You’ll see the progress as the materials slowly build-up to the rooftop’s peak.

For all of your roofing needs, contact StormForce today. Our team works out of Jacksonville, FL, and supports the growing community. We’ll streamline your next project so that your roof remains strong through the years.