What is Flashing on the Roof

There is probably nobody out there who would say they enjoy when their roof in Jacksonville starts to leak. Thankfully, roof flashing is the exact reason that this doesn’t happen as much as it might otherwise. Flashing is a device and a method that keeps water from entering a building at a joint or at a penetration point. We’ll look at exactly how that works in this article.

Flashing Defined

Flashing is what makes up the terminations and intersections of any roofing surface or system. It is built to keep water from moving into the home at areas where it is more likely. In most cases, flashing is a piece of metal that is installed where needed to offer extra weather resistance. You will notice it around skylights and chimneys or other areas where a hole is placed on the roof. Sealing the entire hole is complicated, but flashing keeps things sealed while allowing needed movement when temperature changes occur.

How Flashing Works

There are three ways that flashing helps to keep water from coming into your roof. These are gravity, wind pressure, and surface tension. The material can be installed on a roof in Jacksonville like shingles or as one surface. In addition to being used around chimneys and skylights, it can also be used on vents, roof valleys, ridges, rakes, dormers, and more.

Materials Used for Flashing

There are many options when using flashing. It can be made of rubberized asphalt, plastic, and various types of metal. Sometimes it is concealed, while other times it is visible on the roof. Most metal flashing is exposed, but it can be placed under the shingle as well.

The metals often used for roof flashing include galvalume, lead, copper, lead-coated copper, and malleable metals like stainless steel, aluminum, and zinc. Other materials can be used, but they must be durable and capable of handling harsh weather and sunlight. In many cases, things like air ducts and plumbing vents will come wrapped in flashing material, such as stainless steel.

Roof Repair in Jacksonville

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