9 Essential Tools Your Roofer Uses When Working On Your Roof

9 Essential Tools Your Roofer Uses When Working On Your Roof

Professional roofers have to know how to make a wide range of roofing repairs while also having the skills and equipment for installing or replacing entire roofs. What kinds of tools do roofers typically use when working on roofs? These are some of the most essential tools roofers have for every job.

1. Air Compressor and Hose

Professional roofers need an air compressor to use roofing nailers. Having a long hose available helps ensure the air compressor can be used safely without bringing it up onto the roof.

2. Crowbar or Utility Bar

A crowbar or utility bar is an excellent tool for removing nails. Roofers can use this tool to pry nails from roofs when removing old or damaged shingles.

3. Dump Trailers

Dump trailers are used to remove old shingles and other debris from your property.

4. Fall Protection

Doing any type of work on a roof comes with a risk of falls. Professional roofers use fall protection to reduce the risk of injury or tragic death. This kind of protection often includes rope lifelines, harnesses, and roof anchors to prevent falls.

5. Flat Head Shovel

A flat head shovel allows professional roofers to quickly remove shingles when a roof is being replaced. Roofers need to ensure these shingles are thoroughly removed before installing new ones.

6. Ladders

Roofers need solid and sturdy ladders to get up onto your roof and make repairs or perform other roofing work. These ladders are placed on solid ground and typically extend at least 3 feet above your gutters.

7. Nail Guns

Nail guns offer a convenient way to nail shingles to roofs instead of a hammer and nails. This provides a safer and quicker way to attach shingles securely.

8. Tarps

Tarps are essential for protecting your home and lawn from any falling debris while roofing work is being done. Having tarps covering your lawn can also help make the cleanup process easier for your roofers.

9. Utility Knife

A utility knife comes in handy when performing certain roofing tasks, such as cutting shingles. Roofers can quickly and easily make the cuts they need with this type of tool. If you need roofing services in Jacksonville, contact StormForce today. Our roofing team offers roof replacements, repairs, and other roofing services, including emergency service.