3 Things You Should Know About What Roof Warranties Cover

3 Things You Should Know About What Roof Warranties Cover

When you get a new roof installed, warranties can vary significantly in terms of what they include. You should always check the details of any warranty to make sure you fully understand what is included.

What do roof warranties cover? This depends on the type of warranty you have, such as a manufacturer’s warranty or a workmanship warranty from your roofing contractor. Warranty coverage can also differ when it comes to different roofing materials. The following information can help you better understand roof warranties.

Most Common Roof Warranties

The length of time for shingle manufacturer warranties can vary depending on the shingles, the manufacturer, and the roofer installing the roofing system. Most warranties offer pro-rated coverage for the materials installed on your roof. Some manufacturer warranties provide extended lifetime coverage, which remains intact for the life of the shingles. What is available to you first depends on the certifications of your roofer. There are also times when using the full roofing system is required to get the best, extended warranty.

Shingle manufacturer warranties cover the actual materials when they deteriorate or fail before reaching the end of their life expectancy due to defects. When this happens, warranties usually cover the cost of replacing or repairing a roof at a pro-rated rate. However, the labor needed to do this is often not included.

Regular roof maintenance is needed to keep the warranty intact. Not maintaining roof shingles over the years can cause them to fail earlier than expected. If this happens, you would be responsible for covering the cost to replace them.

GAF offers a lifetime warranty, which covers defective shingles if you can prove the damage was caused by material defects rather than poor workmanship, storms, or other causes. Lifetime refers to the lifetime of your shingles rather than how long your home lasts or how long you own your home.

  • Traditional GAF shingles are covered under a lifetime warranty.
  • 3-tab GAF shingles have a length of 25 to 30 years, depending on the type you get.
  • GAF’s Royal Sovereign shingles have a 25-year warranty term.
  • GAF’s Marquis WeatherMax shingles have a 30-year warranty term.
  • GAF’s designer or architectural shingles have a lifetime warranty.

GAF warranties also have wind warranty and algae warranty terms to help cover damage related to these causes. For example, the algae warranty for traditional shingles ranges from 10 to 25 years, while the wind warranty for these shingles lasts for 15 years.

Workmanship Warranties

While manufacturer warranties cover roofing materials, workmanship warranties cover the labor to replace your roof. Most roof defects don’t come from roofing materials. Instead, failure happens during the roof installation process, especially when substandard contractors perform the work.

Improper roof installation can lead to a wide range of problems with roofs. In severe cases, roof installations must be redone to correct these problems. This makes it essential to find a trustworthy and reliable roofing contractor. Doing so helps ensure your roof is installed properly.

Not all roofing contractors offer workmanship warranties on their services. Those who do are willing to stand by their work and correct any issues due to workmanship errors. These warranties cover the labor on repairs, rather than the materials. This excludes roof damage from storms or water damage from ice dams.

Roofer’s workmanship warranties can vary from one contractor to the next. Most offer warranties lasting 5-15 years. When looking into this type of warranty, you should focus on finding one who provides the most comprehensive coverage.

Some manufacturers offer extended warranties if you use authorized contractors who know how to follow the manufacturer’s installation requirements. Some warranties cover all roofing system parts with a few exceptions, such as flashing and fasteners.

Finding the Best Warranties

When you plan on having a roof installation done, you should take time to find the best manufacturer and workmanship warranties. The materials you choose for your roof should come with a good manufacturer warranty. Make sure you have regular maintenance done on your new roof to avoid voiding your warranty.

Stay away from contractors who do not offer these warranties. Hiring a roofing contractor who provides a warranty means they care about you as a customer. These warranties also indicate a contractor knows what they’re doing, which lowers your risk of having a roof installed incorrectly.

Finding the best manufacturer and workmanship warranties can provide you with peace of mind as a homeowner.When you need roofing services or more information on roof warranties, please contact StormForce. Our roofing team offers reliable roof installations, repairs, and more for Jacksonville residents. We can help you choose the best material for your roof, along with the best warranty.